The Danger of Using Debit Card for E-Commerce Transactions!

The Danger of Using Debit Card for E-Commerce Transactions!

Hopefully the headline caught your attention.  There seems to be a lack of understanding of how Debit Card transactions work in regards to E-commerce websites.  Our intent here is to educate.  This is a long read, but honestly should be read by those using their debit card in todays e-commerce environment.

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EI Shipping Update - April 10, 2020

SHIPPING UPDATE - Shipments are shipping from EI with minimal delays on in stock parts.  Inbound airfreight shipments are still coming in, although we are seeing some delays.

With the current pandemic there have been changes to shipping policies and expectations at the carriers.  Across the board, GSR (Guaranteed Service Refunds) have gone out the window.  The carriers in general ARE still meeting their service delivery times, but there are no more refunds if they miss the delivery window.  We normally run at a 3-4% "exception" rate for deliveries.  Currently, that is closer to 10-11%.

TRACK YOUR SHIPMENTS - UPS is quite often NOT leaving door tags.  If they miss you, the shipment will likely be dropped at an "access point" for pickup.  If it is not picked up from the access point within 7-10 days, it gets returned.

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS - Make sure you have notified UPS that you are open and ACCEPTING deliveries.  UPS is making the assumption that a lot of businesses are closed and are NOT attempting some deliveries.

- When an order ships from EI, an email with the tracking number is sent.
- The day the order is scheduled to deliver, an email with the tracking number is sent.
- At anytime, you can login to your EI account and see the status and tracking on any of your orders.
- If you do not remember your password to your account - use the password reset as customer support at EI CANNOT see your password.

Amazon delivery delays have nothing to do with EI shipments.  Because your Amazon is getting delayed 2-4 weeks, your parts order is most likely shipping in the normal time frames.  (Never thought I would be able to say that again!!)

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Expedition Imports Launches New Website

Expedition Imports went live with our new website on February 19th.  The new site should be rendering much faster and has numerous new upgrades and features.  Over the next week we will be rolling out additional features including new search functionality.  There should be some major improvements in navigation and mobile site rendering.  Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to drop us a line if something is not working properly.
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