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2019 is off to a roaring start!  EI has been busy with a lot of truck projects, and spare parts procurement operations over the last 5 months.  A lot of new products are going onto the site.  Toss in a little flooding at the office building and some large export contracts and we have been BUSY. 

We are processing thru a LOT of new 406/416/SEE Parts in April and May.  Keep an eye open for the new listings. 

Watch our Facebook for happenings around the shop and some insights into what we are up to.  We are here to keep your tours running, your productions filming, and your vehicles healthy.  Let us know how we can be of service.

Featured Products

Removable Platform Steps
THE Solution for getting up in your Pinzgauer
Average Rating(2)
Unimog Front Disc Brake Axle
Average Rating(0)
Continental MPT 81 - 365/80 R 20 - (14.5R20)
Average Rating(1)
Pinzgauer Stainless Steel Muffler
High Quality Made in the United States
Average Rating(1)
Bosch Injection Pump - 110HP
Average Rating(0)
Pinzgauer Electric Power Steering Kit
Average Rating(1)
Hazet Thermal Temp Gun
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Nozzle Swiss
Swiss Military fuel nozzle for NATO fuel can
Average Rating(0)
Pinzgauer Carburetor - Front
Average Rating(0)
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