Unimog 404

Swiss Unimog 404.1The classic 404 Unimog was one the models with the highest production numbers of any Unimog model produced.  Primarily delivered to the different Nato countries, we see Swiss, Belgian, German, and French variants to name a few.  In general they are all quite similar.  EI currently stocks about a 95% parts availability for the 404 Unimog, with an EXTENSIVE inventory of New Old Stock (NOS) spare parts from numerous military/defense contractor acquisitions over the last 15-20 years.  If you don't see something for the 404, drop us a line as we likely have another option, or just haven't had time to list it.  If your Unimog is a gasoline powered Unimog, then it is a 404.  The 404 has also become well known as one of the best Off-roading Unimogs due to it's light weight and extreme frame flexibility.

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