Ignition Conversion Kits

Our Ignition Conversion kits have been on the market for 20 years.  They came about as an alternative to the expensive Military Shielded ignition systems on the stock Unimog 404 and Pinzgauer 710/712.  Our adapters are machined here in the US, and our Wire Sets are built here as well using Beru/Bremi ends by a company that has been building wire sets for decades.  We have partnered with Pertronix for the Ignitors and Coils.  Caps and Rotors are Bosch and we are partial to the NGK spark plugs as we find them less prone to fouling.  Ongoing maintenace should simply require a Cap, Rotor, and Spark Plugs.  There are detailed installation instructions and videos on our support site and youtube channel, as well as in each specific listing.

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