Expedition Imports has been selling 24V electric winches for many years.  We have experienced the good and the bad.  During that journey we settled on a quality brand of 24V winches in the Superwinch Talon line.  Their true 24V solenoid packs and strong engineering served our customers well for almost 10 years.  Then Superwinch got bought out, factories were changed, and we were told 24V winches were not really a priority.  In 2017 we dropped the Superwinch line due to the buyout and factory changes.  Fast Forward 3 years and the technical engineer who we had known for many years gave me a call.  The "Superwinch Talon" was long gone with the corporate changes.........BUT the factory that has been building the Talon line and numerous other winches since 1997 was still in business and offered a winch that is VERY similar to our old Talon.

Let me introduce you to NovaWinch.  I will take tried and true over corporate branding any day of the week!  We are pleased to be able to offer the NovaWinch line in 24V.

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