Hoods and Parts - 406 / 416 / 419

We have you covered!  This is a collection of hood and hood related parts for the 406, 416, and 419 Unimogs.  The original Steel Hoods had been unavailable from Mercedes for a number of years.  We have been working with a US based manufacturer who produces an excellent fiberglass version of the original hood.

Fast forward 4 years and a batch of original Mercedes Steel hoods became available in the original MB boxes.....needless to say we jumped on them.  We get a lot of questions about the differences between these two options, so we have highlighted our opinion below.

Steel Hoods

  • The steel hoods are original Mercedes-Benz and are Complete Assemblies.  They come with all bumpers, rear seal, front and rear latches and the hood prop.  Pretty much everything except your bling. (Emblems)
  • If you are going for originality, and or have an aversion to fiberglass, then the original is for you.
  • The steel hoods are pre-drilled for front hood emblem, but they are NOT drilled for the script emblem.  Currenlty the script emblems are not available.
  • We consider the black paint a primer and would put a protective coat on it when you do your body work.

Fiberglass Hoods

  • By far the most cost effective.  About half the cost of the original.  (Cost Benefit decreases significantly if you do not have your original latches.)
  • Much lighter weight - A benefit if taking on or off regularly
  • Stripped - The fiberglass hoods do not come with anything other than the hood.  You will need to install your rubber bumpers, hood prop, front and rear latches, etc.
  • In regards to that Hood Prop - We don't like trying to use one on the fiberglass hoods.  If you do, we suggest reversing it's direction and attaching permanent to the body.
  • Like the steel hood, this hood will also need to be painted.
  • If you like a cleaner look, the rear holes have not been reamed out of the fiberglass for the rear latch.  We prefer to leave them this way and simply actuate the latch from underneath the hood.
  • Once you have installed your front latch, you will need to ream/clearance the front hole.  We have not machined this one as we have some customers that prefer a custom latch mechanism and don't want the hood key hole.


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