Zenith 32 Gasket Kit

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New Manufacture Zenith 32 Gasket Kits

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We are extremely pleased to release our NEW Zenith 32 Gasket Kit.  Over many years we have experienced numerous gasket kits.  Some were good, and some were not.  Our New kits are Made in the United States.  From the gaskets, to the copper and aluminum crush washers, to the idle mixture screws.  Here is what sets these kits apart.

#1 - Slightly thicker top gasket to account for uneven float bowl covers.
#2 - Slightly larger Choke Gasket for a better seal.
#3 - All Kits come with New Idle Mixture Screws with Stainless Springs.
#4 - All of the O-rings are Viton to handle the additives and ethanol found in todays fuels.
#5 - The original Carb kits all came with Aluminum or Copper Crush washers.  Many of the aftermarket kits substituted fiber washers which fail.  Our kit includes the most common copper and aluminum crush washers found on the Zenith 32 Carbs.

The tri-fold cardstock detailed Zenith Carburetor breakdown also acts to protect the gaskets during shipping.

Please note, this kit is offered in 3 separate variations.  This is the base level gasket kit.  We also offer a Repair Kit which includes the Float Needle Valve and Accelerator Pump, and a Complete Overhaul Kit with the Needle Valve, Accelerator Pump, and an assortment of Brass.

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    Okay, but missing some parts

    Posted by Mark Romberg on Mar 27th 2018

    This kit only has two of the small O-rings for the idle jets and the pump jets, four are required according to the included diagram.