Unimog 404 Shielded MIlitary Wire Set - 7 Pieces

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EIC Development

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These are NEW Manufacture Military Ignition Wire Sets made in the United States.

Manufactured by an ISO Certified Defense Contractor who has been building shielded wires since 1953. EI worked with the manufacturer to build a Unimog 404 specific shielded military wire set.

This set comes with the 6 spark plug wires and 1 coil wire.  These wires will not degrade internally like the original wires.  A vast majority of ignition related problems that we see on original trucks are due to the failing shielded ignition wires. There are 2 primary options, replacement with new shielded wires, or conversion to the civilian ignition conversion. Both options are available and have their respective advantages and dis-advantages. With the addition of these new wire sets to the market place, it is a much harder decision as the cost factor is not nearly as big between the 2 options.