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Starter - 24V - Gear Reduction - Pinzgauer

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Excellent Upgrade to your Pinzgauer
Part #: PZGRST
Diagram # 130
These gear reduction starters are made in the United States using a U.S. manufactured gear train and a DENSO electric motor.

This starter weighs about 50% of the weight of the stock starter which makes a huge difference on the failure prone rubber starter mount. The pinion will make 100% engagement of the starter ring gear.

We are using these in our own "shop" trucks and wish we had them made up years ago!  We have sold approximately 400 of these units and rarely hear of an issues.  They are rock solid.

If you use the starter lug for a power terminal for accessories or winch cables, you may want to purchase the GR_LUG which extends the stock terminal lug and gives you additional room to connect additional ring terminals.  For a stock installation, this lug is not required.

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