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Civilian Ignition Conversion UNIMOG - Less Pertronix Ignitor

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Part #: MGIGKIT2

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Same kit as the complete conversion except without the Pertronix Ignitor. Our Adapter maintains a water tight distributor, but allows the use of a standard automotive cap. CNC machined aluminum cap adapter is anodized to eliminate corrosion. Team this with a custom high output Coil, Highest Quality Beru Wires. Comes with complete installation instructions, or you can view them on our web site here: http://www.expedition-imports.com/pertronix_install.htm

Note:  This kit is sold with either a Pertronix Coil or a Custom Coil Conversion Wire

Scotts opinion:  "The Pertronix coil throws a hotter spark but is NOT as good at handling over-voltage situations like the stock military coil.  For reliability I run the coil conversion wire.  For performance, I run the Pertronix coil."

We have sold well over 1800 of these kits for a reason.  After the initial cost, ongoing vehicle maintenance costs plummet. 

Kit Contents:
CNC Machined Cap Adapter with 2 Machined Clips
Custom Beru Spark Plug Wires
Coil or Coil Conversion Wire
Bosch Distributor Cap
6 Spark Plugs
5 x Machine Screws, 3 terminals, coil spacer pad.

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