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Unimog 404 Clutch Conversion Kit
Unimog 404 Clutch Conversion Kit

Unimog 404 Clutch Conversion Kit

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Complete Clutch Set - MB NEW
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Unimog 404 Clutch Conversion Kit.

EI is please to release our 404 clutch conversion kit.  One of the glaring flaws of the 404 has always been the rather archaic 3 finger pressure plate of the stock clutch.  This conversion kit replaces the failure prone 3 finger pressure plate and shifts it to a much more robust Diaphragm style pressure plate.  Included with the kit is everything for the conversion.  We consider this kit "developmental" and we will until we have at least 100 kits on the market and additional customer feedback.  Currently those that have installed have been EXTREMELY pleased with the results.  This is a bolt on upgrade kit and comes with everything required to bolt on and install.

Conversion Kit Includes:
  • Custom Modified Sachs Diaphragm Pressure Plate - Designed for much higher horsepower than the 404.
  • Custom Machined Clutch Ring (Core Charge for return of your old ring.)
  • Factory Release Bearing
  • Factory Pilot Bearing
  • Factory Clutch Disc - 0032503803 Or 0002501503 (Your Choice on the Style)
  • 2 x Factory Release Bearing Clips
  • Replacement Pressure Plate Hardware

Core Charge - Please note a core charge in the amount $30 is INCLUDED in the price of this kit.  When you return your existing clutch ring in good condition, we will refund the core charge back onto your credit card or account.  Overseas customers will likely not return the core as the shipping will likely be more than the core charge.

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