Continental MPT 80 - 14.5 R 20 - 22 ply

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Continental Tire

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The MPT 80 - 14.5R20 - 22 Ply

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MPT 80 Tires

The large tread blocks and tried-and-tested design ensure high mileage and superb off-road traction even on soft ground. Furthermore, the MPT80 features a flexible carcass, heavy-duty radial construction, and a superior self-cleaning tread design. This makes it the ideal solution for utility vehicles operating on surfaced and un-surfaced ground as well as for a range of military applications. The MPT80 is the direct competition to the Michelin XL.

Continental MPT 80 - 14.5 R 20 - 22 ply:

  • Height 42.91" Tall
  • Width 13.86"
  • Speed rated for 62 MPH
  • Max load rating is 7810 Lbs at 87 PSI.
  • Preferred rim is 11" Wide.
  • For more detailed specifications reference the Technical Data Book.