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Pertronix Ignitor - Unimog

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Your Price: $119.55
Part #: UM161

The Pertronix Ignitor is an electronic points system eliminating the standard points and condensor of the stock system. The Ignitor requires no maintenance, simply install and use the vehicle. With the Ignitor your vehicle will usually experience quicker starts, a smoother idle, and a quicker more pronounced throttle response. Over the past 7 years these units have proven themselves to be extremely reliable and a proven upgrade to the Unimog. The Pertronix Ignitor is also one of the components of the complete Civilian Ignition Conversion.

Pertronix Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting

Web Update - Pertronix Installation Instructions - Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Web Update - Pertronix Troubleshooting - If you are having problems with your install, check out these common trouble areas.

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