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Pinzgauer Civilian Ignition Conversion

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Pinzgauer Civilian Ignition Conversion
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Complete civilian ignition conversion Kit. This is the most cost effective high performance solution to the existing failure prone ignition. All conversions are not created equal! We start with a custom CNC machined aluminum adapter that has been anodized black. We add a Bosch Cap, and High Performance Pertronix Coil. We use the Pertronix Ignitor to eliminate the points and condensor. We include NGK Spark Plugs, Bosch rotor and hardware kit with detailed instructions. We have saved the best for last. A CUSTOM BERU WIRE SET is included with every conversion. These wires are built for our Ignition Conversion with the exact wire lengths. Their is not a wire on the market that has the quality, or durability of the Beru wires.

Kit Contents:

CNC Machined Cap Adapter indexed for Pinzgauer
Rotor, Distributor Cap, Spark Plugs
Custom Beru Ignition Wire Set
Pertronix Epoxy Coil - 40611
Pertronix Ignitor 24V - PZ141
Instructions, installation video available on our site.

This kit can be provided with either the Flamethrower Epoxy 40611 Coil, or with a custom Coil Conversion Wire which uses the stock Bosch 24V Coil.  The Bosch military coil is more robust in over voltage situations, but does not put out as hot of a spark as the Flamethrower Coil. 

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