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Crated Transmission - Military Rebuild 1980's

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Updated 12/18/2017

Factory Rebuilt by SAAR or FWN for the military in the 1980's. Transmission are complete with top shift cover, but may not include the shifter itself.  All transmissions come with 12 month/12,000 mile parts warranty.  Inspect and confirm shifting operation prior to install.  (We also do this prior to shipping)

The last time we paid for a proper rebuild of the 404 transmission, Labor and Parts ran us upwards of 5K, and requires some specialty tools.  These are a cheaper option with an excellent track record in terms of reliability.

Of note, these were rebuilt in the 1980's.  The input and output seals are going to be old.  While we have not seen a lot of seal failures, due to the age of the seals we do offer seal replacement with new seals prior to shipment for an added fee.

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