2-Piece Aluminium Rim - 6 Bolt

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Hutchinson for Unimogs

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  • Saving unsprung weight
  • Extremely durable forged or cast design
  • Precisely machined, no unbalanced mass
  • 2-piece bolt togheter design
  • May be assembled and disassembled easily without heavy tools
  • May remain on the hub for changing a tire
  • Designed for the use with a Beadlock ring
  • Enables lowest tires pressures without a risk of separation from the rim
  • Enhances traction on soft ground by far
  • Combined with CTIS a Beadlock is compulsary
  • Various offsets, rim sizes and Beadlock rings available
  • Succesfully tested under toughest rally conditions
  • Exclusive by Hellgeth engineering

HE 07203
6 bolt rim 20x11 inch, for UNIMOG406, 416, 427, 435, 437, U400Tire size 365/80R20, 405/70R20