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Front Axle Service Kit
Front Axle Service Kit

Front Axle Service Kit

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Okay Folks, if you need to service the front axle wheel bearings on your W460, look no further than right here.

This kit has everything needed to do your front wheel bearings, including the following parts:

-Wheel bearings
-Inner and outer hub seals
-Axle nut lock washers
-Kingpin bearings
-Kingpin caps and seals
-CV boots with clamps
-New CV clips and CV packing grease
-Inner axle seals
-Steering ball seals
-Steering ball gaskets

If you find you need CV's, we have those too!

All parts are from OEM German suppliers and/or Mercedes-Benz.

If you need installation instructions, we'll gladly send those out upon request.

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