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Brake Pad Set - Soft Compund
Brake Pad Set - Soft Compund

Brake Pad Set - Soft Compund

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Fits 6 Lug Unimog Axles including the SEE/FLU419/406/416/U1300L and many more.

Aftermarket ATE (MB OEM) Brake Pad Set for the 6 lug disc brake axles.  Each Set comes with a total of 4 pads.  To change a complete vehicle you will need 3 Sets.  Front Axle = 4 Calipers = 2 Sets.  Rear Axle = 2 Calipers = 1 Set.

These pads are a slightly softer compound than the factory pads.  They are less likely to chatter which is quite common for the harder compound pads.  Our commercial tour operators prefer these pads as they are far quieter and last almost as long as the harder MB pads.

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