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6mm Brake Line/Tubing - 90/10 Copper/Nickelt - 25' Roll

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Part #: TUBE
This is THE brake tubing you want to use.  Currently what the European manufacturers are using on their new vehicles.  Once you work with this stuff you will never want to work with the steel line again.

Cunifer is a seamless, copper nickel alloy DOT approved brake line used for OEM and replacement brake lines, fuel lines, power steering and cooling lines. Corrosion proof and easy to install high pressure hydraulic tubing for the harshest environments. All of our tubing conforms to hydraulic brake tubing specifications SAE J1650, DIN 74234 and BS 2871.

We are very pleased to offer the Federal Hill Trading Company brake line.  All line is NOT the same.  For more information on what makes this line superior take a look at their website:  http://store.fedhillusa.com/

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