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Unimog Front Disc Brake Axle
Unimog Front Disc Brake Axle

Unimog Front Disc Brake Axle

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Your Price: $6,600.00
Retail Price:$14,000.00
Your Savings:$7,400.00(53%)
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New Mercedes Crated Front Axle.  406/416/SEE Front Axle with brakes. Originally purchased for over 13K.

A very viable alternative for a major axle repair considering the spare parts prices to repair an original. Contact us for special pricing on the purchase of 2 or more of these axles.

Please note these are loaded with over $2000 worth of new brake parts alone!  These are NOT military Rebuilds.  They are new axles in the Mercedes Crates manufactured in 2008.....

MB Part#'s



NSN# 2530012411667

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