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Right Front Fender 406/416/419

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Your Price: $355.00
Retail Price:$669.00
Your Savings:$314.00(47%)
Right Front
Part #: 4068801306
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Right Front Fender found on the 404.0 / 406 / 416 / 419 etc.  These are Original MB Fenders from Germany.  These fenders are military surplus and painted black, and 50% of the cost of the New MB ones.  They may have slight scuffs from storage, and will need to be painted for a pristine finish.

Note about shipping:  this is a large bulk item and the shipping calculation will be approximate for North American sales and we will call you if there are additional charges.  Overseas orders are difficult to determine shipping due to the bulk of the shipping.  International shipping can be off by as much as 40-50%.  Will contact you with actual shipping.

MB# 4068801306
NSN# 2510012377013

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