404 Front Axle Bushing, Gasket, Seal Kit - MB

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Front Axle Bushing, Gasket, Seal Kit. All the parts in this kit are Mercedes Benz. This kit is a mixture of Mercedes Benz NEW, and New Old Stock. You get the pricing benefits of the NOS items, but none of the concern as the SEALS are all brand new.

2 x 4043510080 - Housing Gasket - New Old Stock

2 x 4043370260 - Hub Reduction Output Seal - NEW MBZ

2 x 4043560073 - Hub Bolt Lock Plate - NEW MBZ

2 x 4043370360 - Hub Reduction Input Seal - NEW MBZ

2 x 4043310080 - Hub Reduction Input Gasket - New Old Stock

2 x 4043320052 - Steel Washer - New Old Stock

2 x 4043320159 - Differential Housing Seal - New MBZ

2 x 4063321050 - Bronze Bushing

2 x 4043320059 - Steering Knuckle O-ring - New MBZ

1 x 4043310180 - Differential Gasket - New Old Stock

We would not bother to replace the axle housing output seal, unless we are replacing the bushing as it is quite common for the bushing to be worn and that is what is causing the seal to leak as the shaft is no longer centered in the housing.