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Carb Rebuild Kit - Zenith 32NDIX

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Your Price: $172.50
Part #: 0000715301RK
By far the most complete OEM Carb rebuild kit on the market for the Zenith 32NDIX carb. This kit is specific to the Unimog 404 with the Large Idle Mixture Screws. Kit includes everything as pictured including all gaskets, crush washers, o-rings, accelerator pump, high speed jets, low speed jets, air correction jets, needle valve, pump arm, pump valve, and all gaskets, etc. If you want a complete carb rebuild, this is the kit.  We do have limited supplies of NOS floats, they are a bit crusty but clean up very nicely.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative the ZE32GK gasket kit is also available without the brass.

The 404 Repair Manual - Section 07.2 Covers 17 Pages of Carb Rebuild Information, with detailed drawings and instructions.  You should have this reference prior to trying to rebuild.  The paper diagram that comes with this kit is NOT expected to replace the proper technical information.

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