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MVCC Camp Delta Event

Posted by Staff on 4/25/2010 to General News
MVCC Camp Delta Event

Friday afternoon my son Mckinley and I headed over to the Camp Delta event for a short walkabout. Anything that involves military vehicles, uniforms, and armor is always a hit with a 4 year old! The recent rains had created a bit of a quagmire at some of the "Dry Camping" areas, but in general the campground was full. It was nice to chat with some of our friends and customers.

BAE was displaying one of their MRAP vehicles. This was the first chance I had to see one up close and personal. The size is impressive. My boy has decided that the old WWII Jeeps are not his cup of's MRAP all the way!

Great Video

This is definitely a fun show to spend some time at. The European military vehicles are few and far in between, but that is what would make it more fun to attend in your Unimog or Pinzgauer.

A Little Spring in Your Step?

Posted by Staff on 4/12/2010 to Unimog News
A Little Spring in Your Step?
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Reports are slowly coming in that they had found a few 404 coil springs at the warehouse we just acquired. Here was the first load...I think we will be running some specials. Yes these are only front and rear coil springs.
Lets see...alternative uses...

Video Suggestions Wanted

Posted by Staff on 4/10/2010 to General News
Video Suggestions Wanted
We have videos!

We have begun the process of putting together some of our tech video's. The Pertronix Install is up, and I expect us to continue with more regular installments in a month or so. I know we have slated a video on Electrical testing and ignition basics, wheel cylinder rebuilds, and carb rebuilds. We would like to hear from our customers with additional suggestions on what they would like to see.

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