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Spare Parts Aquisitions and their Stories

Posted by Staff on 1/21/2011 to Unimog News
Spare Parts Aquisitions and their Stories

Over the years EI has purchased a number of large lots of Unimog Spare Parts. Each one has a story and over the next couple of months I am going to do a writeup/travelogue with pictures. If there is any doubt as to our commitment to the long haul in Unimog spares come give us a visit, we can use the help!

January in Denver - Yummy

Posted by Staff on 1/21/2011 to General News
January in Denver - Yummy

Being a CA guy with an aversion to the cold, it takes a lot to get me to Colorado in January. However, if you waive 40 tons of NOS Unimog parts in front of my get my attention. Brian and I headed to Colorado last week to coordinate the move of a batch of Swiss Military spares.....primarily 404 and 2010 Mog parts. We flew in on a Thursday, loaded 2 x 53' trailers on Friday and Monday and flew home Monday night. Parts arrived in Vallejo 48 hours later. Now the fun begins...

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