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Housekeeping - Old Site Accounts, Rewards Points

Posted by Administrator on 2/22/2015 to General News
A couple of notes in regards to our Rewards Program, and Customer Accounts from the old Website. 

Welcome to the New EI Websites

Posted by Scott Ingham on 1/24/2015 to General News

We are pleased to announce the launch of the New EI Websites and internet presence. The design and implementation has been in the works for quite sometime and has been a collaborative effort with everyone at EI.

Expedition Imports

With the New Webstore we are trying to bring the technical information down to the product level. Take a closer look at this blog article and we will highlight some of the cool functionality.

Expedition Imports

We have also launched the EI Technical Center which is a repository for our product videos, service bulletins, photo galleries, and comprehensive FAQ's. Over the last 20 years we have amassed a huge amount of technical information and with the new sites we are trying to make that information usable.

Move and Renovation - 1335 Lemon Street

Posted by Staff on 1/23/2015 to General News
Expedition Imports

It was time. EI has made a couple of moves since the 1990's as we have grown. Our old facility in Bennett Ave. suited us well for 14 years, but there was no more room for expansion. Thru a bit of hard work, and good fortune a new facility came on the market just around the corner. In July of 2014 we closed on the property and began the renovation process.

In August the "Napa Earthquake" with it's epicenter 8 miles away hit and we suffered damage, delaying our opening at the new facility. We officially moved in November 27th, 2014. This article takes a look at the new facility. With a Quick Snap Shot Video.

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