CARB Changes the "Policy" Again.....

The California Air Resources Board and CA DMV have re-interpreted their laws and instituted new "policies" that directly impact Unimog and Pinzgauer owners in the state of CA. We have spent the last couple of weeks trying to digest and get clarification on these new interpretations. This article gives a little bit of background and the current situation within the state. Bottom line, if you are looking to buy a 1968 or newer Unimog or Pinzgauer, you need to read this.

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Parts Pricing Observations

This week a customer sent me an email asking about a part.  I updated the site with the item and linked it for him to purchase online.  I get an email response..."Why I'm supposed to pay $110.00, when you quoted me $70.00, Scott"

Obviously a valid question, and one that should very much be on the buyers mind when they are quoted prices of archaic New Old Stock parts. 

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Housekeeping - Old Site Accounts, Rewards Points

A couple of notes in regards to our Rewards Program, and Customer Accounts from the old Website. 
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