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EI's New Technical Advisor

Posted by Staff on 3/23/2010 to General News
EI's New Technical Advisor
Expedition Imports

Yep, after repeated attempts, we have finally hired a new technical advisor. His help will be greatly appreciated.

Aftermarket 404 Snorkel a Flop!

Posted by Staff on 3/23/2010 to Unimog News
Aftermarket 404 Snorkel a Flop!
Snorkel with Cap

On the Unimog 404 snorkel side, we received back the preliminary tooling quotes as well as the some feedback that we had posted up on the Benzworld and Pirate Sites. Unfortunately, the cost factor versus interest level is not viable on this project. Basic tooling was going to come in at $6000+ and it didn't appear that their was much interest. We will do a couple of prototypes for our own trucks, but will NOT be going into production on this item.

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