There are a number of things that differentiate the new site from the old site.  Obviously the look and feel is different, but the intent is to bring the technical information down to the product level.

Product Level Tabs:  MGIGKIT is one of our more common product offerings.  On the product page you now have not only the ability to purchase the product, but also a number of additional TABS.

  1. Shipping: This tab will describe unique shipping issues with the product if any.  Oversize, Overweight, Fragile, etc.  All will be noted in this area.
  2. Technical Documentation:  Here we will reference any Service Bulletins that may apply to the product.
  3. Tech Videos:  This area will reference any tech videos that we may have for the product.
  4. Diagrams:  This will have a link to any additional diagrams if needed.
When there is information in these tabs they will display.  When there is no information the tab will not display.

Rewards Points:  Yes, just want you wanted another rewards program!  Our purpose is to drive customers to the webstore and off the phone.  You earn up to 5% of your last parts purchase in the form of rewards points.  Rewards points can be used 1 for $1 as store credit on our web store.  Spend $100, you have earned 5 reward points.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Ticket System:  EI currently receives about 450 emails a day, and 50-60 Voicemails.  At a minimum we return calls and usually end up leaving a message for a portion of those returned calls.  The system is inefficient with missed emails, voicemails, spam folders, dropped connections, etc.  Our new website has a CRM ticket system.  When you login to your account you can create a ticket with your questions or requests.  It is then on EI to respond in a timely fashion.  Fortunately, things have been made a little easier with technology!  Reminders, time and date stamps, etc., all help us handle the customer requests.  It's not that we don't want to talk with you, but we are working towards a more efficient system with documented responses to your requests.

Diagrams:  You will notice (especially on the Unimog 404 diagrams) some extremely detailed high quality diagrams.  At the top of the page, click on the diagram and it should open in another page.  Click it again, and it should blow up large enough for even the most visually impaired.  Give it a try.

Wish Lists:  No we don't want to get in the way of your Fiance's wedding registry, but the wish lists are a great way to keep track of items you may not want to purchase just yet.  If you have researched an item that you need but don't want to purchase it just yet.....add it to your wish list.  Simply login to your account and you can see all of your wish lists at a future date.

 Search:  Our search is far more advanced than the previous site.  You can search on the following fields:

  • Description
  • Part Number
  • Diagram Number (Hint: Print Out our Complete Diagram Pack for Reference)
  • NSN # (Coming Soon)

 The Search functionality is dynamic so it may suggest items as you type them into the search box.

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