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Expedition Imports is a licensed and bonded CA vehicle dealer. We have been selling quality vehicles for over 20 years. Our customers are wide ranging including tour operators, vineyards and winery's, movie studios, and numerous private individuals looking for something unique. We sell vehicles we can support over the long haul. We have been dealing with many of our customers for multiple vehicle purchases and sales over many years.

Please Note: The US Dollar is extremely strong.  EI has recently made a significant price reduction to take into account these great exchange rates. On top of that, we currently have a large inventory of Pinzgauers and Unimogs.  Now is a very good time to buy.

Austrian Pinzgauer Surplus Cycle - The Swiss Surplus Pinzgauer inventory pretty much dried up around 2008.  Fortunately, the Austrian Military just recently started surplussing their Pinzgauers.  We currently have a very healthy inventory of Austrian Pinzgauers including the 710M, 710K, 712M, and 712K. 
These are recent releases from the Austrian Military with most having factory rebuilds in the late 1990's. These are selling fast, and many end up sold prior to arrival on pre-sale contracts.

The Swiss Military has just gone into their surplus cycle for their GE230 G-wagons.  Great utility vehicles, priced right, and in typical Swiss condition.  Check out the G-Class Page for available vehicles.

If you are looking for something specific contact us via email or ticket.  We have a list of buyers looking for specific trucks which we actively look for.  Many trucks we purchase never make it to our web store and are sold before they land stateside.

You will not find a hard sell at EI, in fact some might say we are a little harsh and will tell you what we really think......don't take it personally!

Unimog U1300L Doka Firetruck
Part # 1300DKAFT
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