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Unimog U1300L RW1 Firetruck
German Fire Rescue

Unimog U1300L RW1 Firetruck

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Overdrive, Turbo, Hydraulic Winch
Part #: 1300LRW1
Availability: Currently Out of Stock

Newly Imported U1300L RWI Firetruck.

  1. OM352A Turbo Charged Motor

  2. Fast Axles\

  3. Rear Mounted Werner Hydraulic Winch.

  4. Low Original Mileage

  5. Operational Lights and Sirens

  6. Newly Installed Claas 22% Overdrive - Less than 20 miles since install.

  7. New Clutch and Pressure Plate Installed with Claas

  8. 1987 Model Year, Vin#  WDB4351151W143387

  9. Data Card with all Options

Additional Items available, but not included in price:  AV Intercooler Kit, Raised Hood, New Grill.  Bring all Offers....

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