Over the years EI has purchased a number of large lots of Unimog Spare Parts. Each one has a story and over the next couple of months I am going to do a writeup/travelogue with pictures. If there is any doubt as to our commitment to the long haul in Unimog spares come give us a visit, we can use the help!

  • 2001 - Swiss Military Depot outside Lucern, Switzerland. This one has a funny story in regards to communication and sarcasm between cultures. In this case it saved me 80,000 Swiss Francs! Someday I'll take the time to write it up.

  • 2006 - Sabiex International Belgium - Sabiex had made it a habit to purchase all of the German, French, Belgian, and Swiss parts lots that they could get a hold of to aid there refurbishment of 404's for African militaries. When the governmental 404 refurb market had passed, they sold us their 3000+ tons of remaining stocks. 6 Months of logistics, and thousands of man hours got this into our warehouses.

  • 2010 - French Surplus Dealer calls it quits. 500 Tons, NOS parts.

  • 2010 - Mexican Military calls it quits and surpluses remaining parts stocks. - 30 Tons

  • 2010 - Belgian Surplus - Still squeezing out some of their parts stocks - Of Note, NOS Cabs, that we had thought were gone for good.

  • 2010 - Swiss Military Spares found in America! Purchased from the Swiss Military in 2000 and warehoused in Colorado, this was a nice batch of 40 tons.

So the quest continues. Hoping that 2011 will give us some time to sort out the 2010 purchases.