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Shock Absorber, Front, W460 - KONI HT SPX
Shock Absorber, Front, W460 - KONI HT SPX

Shock Absorber, Front, W460 - KONI HT SPX

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KONI Heavy Track SPX front shock absorber for the W460 series G-Wagen.

This shock is adjustable and has an extended length of 632mm.

Made by KONI in The Netherlands.

Here are a few details about the Heavy Track SPX shocks from KONI:

äó¢ Adjustable rebound settings for tuning to ride type.
äó¢ Nitrogen-charged chambers for optimal response and ride comfort.
äó¢ Special heat resistant viton seal with rugged dirt wiper.
äó¢ Large piston for maximum dampening control.
äó¢ Heavy duty attachments for off-road conditions.
äó¢ Compress-to-adjust design allows adjustable dampening for on or off-road conditions.
äó¢ Twin-tube design improves ride quality and durability.
äó¢ Steel stone guard for maximum protection of piston rod and seal.
äó¢ Damper characteristics specially tuned for off-road use.
äó¢ Specially set bottom valve for 4x4 use.
äó¢ Larger reservoir with more oil for improved heat transfer.

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