These are the core areas that Expedition Imports specializes in.

Spare Parts

We are constantly expanding and updating our spare parts inventories. We currently inventory well over 3000 tons of Unimog and Pinzgauer spare parts in Vallejo, and Belgium. From New Old Stock (NOS) to Factory Fresh we have you covered. Many of these parts are available directly on the internet via our webstore. If we do not have a part in stock, we have express parts shipments that leave Belgium, Germany and Austria monthly. We are a Continental Industrial Tire Dealer offering Unimog tires at some of the best prices in North America. We are also a Superwinch dealer specializing in 24V winches.

Vehicle Sales

We pride ourselves in locating the best vehicles available. From consignments to fresh imports, we have a wide selection of vehicles for private individuals and industry. We are the only licensed and bonded CA vehicle dealer that specializes in the Unimog and Pinzgauer. We work closely with a number of suppliers giving us direct access to hundreds of trucks at any one time.  You will find EI trucks at numerous tour operations domestically and internationally as well as on the big screen with our vehicles appearing in numerous film productions.

International Export of 4x4 Parts and Accessories

We are currently developing this part of our business in conjuction with a number of 4x4 shops across the world. EIC can act as a buyers agent handling the consolidation, warehousing, and export services necessary to handle your U.S. based purchases.

Appraisal and Inspection Services

We are well versed in providing insurance appraisals and pre-purchase inspections for potential buyers. This includes pre-purchase inspections of vehicles currently overseas. You will find our fees are very fair, and the service may just save you a good bit of heartache in the long run.

Importation and Registration Services

In conjunction with our warehouse in Belgium, we can offer door to door importation services. From vehicle inspection and purchasing in Europe through importation and delivery stateside, we can make your purchasing experience a smooth one. We are more than happy to provide these services regardless of who the vehicle is being purchased from.

Transportation Services

From back country entry, to vehicles for the movies, we can provide some of the most unique and capable vehicles available.
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