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Saurer 6DM - Transport Truck

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Swiss Built Precision - Ultra Rare
Part #: 6DM
Availability: Currently Out of Stock

5/26/2018 - Price Reduction.

Currently Available at our Vallejo, Location.

1985 Saurer 6DM Transport

Vin#  214788

111 Photos in the photo file.

  • Hand built in Switzerland by Saurer, these vehicles are incredibly engineered, capable, with Swiss Reliability.  They are a rare vehicle, however the Swiss Military is just now going into their surplus cycle on these vehicles.  Total production of this vehicle is 660 with 230 Being Winch trucks like this one.
  • Five Speed Transmission with Torque Converter and Overdrive splitter.  With about 20 minutes of practice you will be driving it like an automatic.
  • Aluminum Side Rails, Quite, Spacious Cab.  These trucks are running the Trilex wheel system so repairs in the field can be easily achieved.
  • Air Shiftable PTO, currently running a hydraulic circuit for the winch.
  • Hydraulic Rotzler Winch that can be routed out the front or the back
  • Cab easily tilts for engine access and maintenance…..a 5 minute procedure.
  • Ride quality is excellent with a comfortable cruise speed of 55 MPH
  •  Axles are a planetary drive.  Transmission/Steering is ZF.  Engine Injection and Compressor are Bosch, not to mention numerous other items on the vehicle.
  • All time 4-wheel Drive with a 70/30 power split between front and rear.  When the center differential is locked up the power split between front and rear is 50/50.  A 3rd Position of the air actuated switch engages the rear differential lock.
  • This 6DM was designed to be easily maintained.  Access is excellent.  If you do some research on Saurer you will find they were known for their bullet proof vehicles, many still being used today in commercial service in Switzerland.
  • Parts on the 6DM will be more difficult than the Unimog or Pinzgauer.  To the best of our knowledge this is the only Saurer 6DM in the United States.  Direct from the Swiss Military, with DOCUMENTED LOW KM’s.  Manuals are available in German and we will put the purchaser in direct contact with the company in Switzerland that specializes in all things Saurer.
  • This truck runs as it should and would make an ideal vehicle for a movie collection, tours, expeditions, etc.

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