We have been waiting for quite sometime for the U.S. Military to start releasing their surplus SEE tractor Unimogs. It has finally started and we are seeing them work their way through the surplus channels. In August EI decided to pick up a few of the trucks to get our feet wet with them. We purchased 6 trucks. 3 of them are being repaired/rebuilt and 3 of them are being cut up for parts.

After our experience with these trucks we have formed some opinions on them. First and foremost, these trucks are heavy. Do not think that you will easily roll them around your yard if they are dead. Secondly, if you are purchasing a fixer....more than likely it will eat you alive on the labor and parts side. If possible, find a truck that is running and can be checked out. Doing a transmission on one of these trucks borders on the absurd.

Keep your eyes open for spares from the companies that are scrapping these trucks. Had you asked me if you could buy a nice Schmidt front loader with all the brackets for $1500 a couple of years ago I would have laughed. Today I have 3 pieces to choose from!

Stay tuned as I expect that we are going to see a lot more of these trucks as they make there way onto the market.

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