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Ron Davis Aluminum 404 Radiator
Ron Davis Aluminum 404 Radiator

Ron Davis Aluminum 404 Radiator

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New manufacture hi quality aluminum radiator by Ron Davis. This is a direct bolt in replacement including all new mounting hardware, and isolation rubbers. Overall quality is top notch with added cooling capacity. Fully Tig welded with an attention to quality craftsmanship. If you are going to have your radiator re-cored, please be sure to physically compare the core that is going to be used with the old core. It is quite common to here from customers that have had a re-core to experience cooling problems. A majority of the time the readily available cores being used in the radiator shops are NOWHERE near the flow capacity or layers of the original. Over the years MB has used a fan spacer to get additional cooling out of the stock radiator. This puts the fan VERY close to the radiator and under some extreme articulation can come in contact with the radiator. With the added cooling ability of the RD radiator their is no reason for the spacer. The fan can be installed in it's original position with the added 1" of clearance between the radiator and the fan blades. Additional information on the manufacture of these custom radiators can be found here: http://www.rondavisradiators.com/custom.htm

Mounting Hardware included
4045040013 2 pieces
4045040112 2 pieces
mounting stud 2 pieces
fender washer 2 pieces
nylok nut 2 pieces

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