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Please Note:  EI is not going into the G-Wagon Spare Parts business.  The items listed below are some of the items we are stocking for tuneups of the  Swiss GE230.  We are NOT special ordering G-parts.  If it is not listed, we are not stocking it.  We WILL support the G's that we are selling, contact Scott direct if needed.

Fuel Injector G-Wagon
Part # 0000785723
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Injector Seal G-Wagon
Part # 1160780873
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Pressure Regulator G-Wagon
Part # 0000781189
Average Rating(0)
Spark Plug G-Wagon
Part # 0031590603
Average Rating(0)
Engine Oil Filter Kit G-Wagon
Part # 0001802409
Average Rating(0)
Bosch Distributor Cap G-Wagon
Part # 1235522380
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Pump G-Wagon
Part # 0030915301
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Accumulator G-Wagon
Part # 0004760921
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Filter G-Wagon OEM
Part # 0024771701
Average Rating(0)
Fuel Filter G-Wagon Aftermarket
Part # 0024771701AF
Average Rating(0)
Bosch Rotor G-Wagon
Part # 0001583431
Average Rating(0)
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