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Shipping Carrier Changes

Posted by Scott Ingham on 9/10/2016 to General News
Over the years we have refined our shipping processes and used a number of carriers.  In July and August we did an extensive review of our current shipping operations and we are in the process of implementing those changes.  Effective Sept. 19th our outbound small package services will be shifted from UPS to Fedex. Our fulfillment time at the warehouse will not change, however in some lanes the delivery time for ground packages will get better.  We encourage your feedback both good and bad, and look forward continuing to service your Unimog and Pinzgauer needs.

Pinzgauer 718 Turbo Diesels - Military History Up Close and Personal

Posted by Staff on 4/16/2011 to Pinzgauer News
Pinzgauer 718 Turbo Diesels - Military History Up Close and Personal
Expedition Imports

So the story goes that a select group of 15 x 718 Pinzgauers were used by Delta Force (Task Force 20) to enter Iraq on March 19th, 2003 en-route to the Haditha dam complex. These were the first "operators" to enter the country and attack/secure high priority targets. Their mode of transport was the Pinzgauer 718 Turbo Diesel gun trucks. Officially the Iraq war started the next day on March 20th. Fast forward to the Pinzgauers sitting in Qatar for a number of years before making their way back to the U.S., being de-militarized and surplussed by the Federal Government.

EI is pleased to have picked up a number of these unique vehicles. We are currently just starting the refurb and rebuild process. Follow along as over the next couple of years these vehicles get re-purposed.

Thor Movie Trucks

Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2011 to Pinzgauer News

We had the privilege of working with the production company to supply 4 Pinzgauer 710K's for the Thor movie. When the film was released we were pleased to see a substantial amount of footage made it into the film. The Pinzgauers had some significant modifications. Some very useful design development, and some things that while great for shooting a movie, are not viable modifications for road use. In this article we will cover some of the unique characteristics of these trucks.

Expedition Imports

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