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If you will recall back in 2014 EI wrote a blog article in regards to a Pinzgauer that Brian our engineer had the opportunity to inspect with an electric power steering conversion.  At the time we were quite impressed but felt the technology and application to the Pinzgauer needed a little polishing.  (We were not willing to tell our customers to head to the local junk yard and pull out a system and retrofit it to there Pinz.)

Fortunately for us, a company in the Netherlands has refined and is delivering what we consider to be one of the best upgrades available to the Pinzgauer.  We are pleased to be offering the EZ Powersteering Conversion for the Pinzgauer here in North America.

We have put together an installation video and installation guide that will accompany the kits that we are distributing.  Please note, while EZ has TUV approval in the EU for these units in the Pinzgauer to be used on road, there is no such DOT Approval in the United States.  Therefore, these units are NOT intended for installation and road use.  In fact the purchaser of these kits will be signing a 1 page waiver acknowledging the above. 

Pinzgauer Electric Power Steering Kit
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24-12V Converter - 60 Amp - EZ Power Steering
Part # 241260AMP
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