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OVERLAND - A Mercedes-Benz Journey Through the Americas
OVERLAND - A Mercedes-Benz Journey Through the Americas

OVERLAND - A Mercedes-Benz Journey Through the Americas

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This great book from Gari M. Stroh, is a pleasure to read and has page after page of excellent photos.

Gari keeps you laughing and learning all the way through with witty observations and easy to follow strategies for navigating through Latin America.

An excerpt from the Foreword by Frank Barrett, editor of The Star Magazine:

"Most car guys merely dream about extreme applications of their automotive interests, but Gari Stroh actually made his dream become reality. His 30,000-mile drive from Colorado to the tip of South America and back, which he accomplished in 2004 and describes here, combined his interest in old Mercedes-Benzes with his appetite for seeing the world via expedition-type touring.

Not everyone would attempt a rugged solo drive through South America in a 19-year old diesel truck with 163,000 miles already behind it, but Gari was confident that his trusty Gelí_ndewagen was just the vehicle for the job. With no special preparation, just routine maintenance, it made the challenging journey--facing altitudes beyond 16,000 feet and temperatures below zero--with surprisingly few hiccups. What less would you expect of an old diesel Mercedes-Benz?"

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ISBN 978-1-884886-91-1 223 pages English

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