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June 2015 Situation Report

Posted by Scott Ingham on 6/6/2015 to General News
It's June....almost half the year is already gone! We've been in the new facility for about 6 months. We are getting the kinks worked out, processes refined, and we can report that we are Thrilled that we made the move.

Summer is ALWAYS very hectic for us. It's a balancing act with numerous events, vacations, trips to Europe, etc. That is not even taking into account that Summer is when a majority of our customers are working on their vehicles so order volume goes thru the roof!

Important Date: June 20-30 EI will be CLOSED. This is our summer vacation and we will not be shipping parts. Please do not wait until the last minute to put in your orders.......

Scott is currently running behind on pricing out the new additions to the webstore.  Remember part numbers are listed and if the part is pictured we should have it.  Just drop us a ticket and we can usually turn the item on within the hour with the pricing and tech information.

Rewards Points:
  We have issued over $6000 in rewards points, however very few people have been redeeming the points for product.  Remember we are currently offering a 5% incentive.  If you purchase $1000, you earned $50 in points for your next purchase.  In order to redeem points for product, make sure you are logged into your account when viewing product on the store.  If you have enough points, it will allow you to place the item in your cart and purchase with points.

Phones and Tickets:  I know I sound like a broken record, but the #1 way to communicate with us is via the ticket system.  Simply select the "contact us" button on the site and when you put in your request it will create a ticket.  With the volume of inquiries and tech support, it is very unlikely that you will get anything other than the voicemail system when you call in.  Give the ticket system a try.  Word of advice....when I sit down and go thru the call log and have 21 hangups from the same phone number, you are having the exact opposite effect of your intended outcome.....  One of our biggest challenges is going to be handling the volume of inquiries.  Please help us out and try the ticket system.

  IS NOT the best place to get your information on our company.  I have turned over the account to one of our employees, and he has been doing a great job of updating Facebook.  That being said, he is focusing on some of the fun and unique things that we get to participate in as a company.  Operational Updates and Announcements will continue to be posted in the Uniblog and on the Current Events page of the EI site.

Vehicle Sales:  We are currently moving a LOT of vehicles.  The Austrian Military is in the middle of their surplus cycle of Pinzgauers and we have been attending auctions in Austria regularly.  By September we should have unloaded well over 20-30 of these premium condition trucks.  If you are in the market for a Pinzgauer or Unimog, the exchange rates and supply make NOW the time to seriously look at a purchase.

As always we sincerely appreciate your business.  We are striving to improve your purchasing experience on our websites and at our facility.  Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a problem or suggestion. 


Scott Ingham

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