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Part #: JRMF1005
Editorial - "A new quality of cooperation." This Journal is primarily focused on the U500. It contains the following articales: "Unimog-System Partnerships agreed." "U500- A new performance class" "Star of the demonstration track" "The baptism of fire" "Premiere in Austria" "Convincing Technical Superiority" "Ideal vehicle logistics with special trailers" "50 years of Unimog in 2001" "New U300 for Gaggenau's public works department" "Unimog used vehicle center on the internet" "Versatility is in Demand" "New Unimog Book/ Rally power with the Unimog" "50 years of Herold" These are part of the Jack Russell Collection - 100% of the proceeds go to Jacks Daughter Samantha. Journal is new and original, not a reproduction. Shipping domestically within the U.S. via USPS First Class Mail is included in the sale/auction price. Disregard UPS shipping calculator

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