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International Shipping, Brokerage, Import Duties


International Orders:  If you have never ordered parts internationally, PLEASE educate yourself.  EI doe NOT pay YOUR international Tariffs, VAT, or any other taxes/fees imposed by YOUR country.  If you do not like the taxes and fees charged by YOUR country, speak to YOUR government. 

If you place an order and then refuse that order because you did not realize what your governments taxes and fees are, EI will process the order as a return shipment.  (See Return Policy)

Brokerage Fees:  Brokerage fees are collected by common carriers to process the customs entry for your country.  Many times these fees can be expensive.  Please note, International Orders shipped via UPS will incur brokerage fees unless you have your own customs broker.  $$$ TIP: Orders shipped via USPS Priority International do NOT normally incur Brokerage fees.  You may still be required to pay your duties and taxes, but not additional Brokerage Fees.  In addition UPS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS includes the brokerage fees.  The shipping fee will be more expensive, but quite often is actually a better deal than UPS Standard International.

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