Rewards Program - You may have noticed that our new website has a rewards program.  The program is currently awarding 5% of the total product spend.  Every order is accruing rewards points.  April 1st, 2015 the module for redeeming those points will go live.  At that time, rewards points can be redeemed towards any product on our site.

Please note for those that do not want to place orders online, phone orders do not accrue rewards points.  In addition, prices for phone orders may not be the same as webstore orders and in general are about 10% higher.  Combined with the rewards 5%, we are hoping that a 15% total savings for orders placed online will entice customers off of the phones.

Old Website Accounts - We have shifted platforms for our NEW webstores.  The old platform had been limping along, but was no longer viable for where we are taking our business.  Your old account history and logins are not accessible via the New site.  On your first order on the new site, you will need to do a complete checkout which will create a new profile for you.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is one of the necessary inconveniences for the benefits of the new sites.  Please note every order placed since 1998 is still readily accessible within our accounting system, so we can still reference those old orders as needed.
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