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Expedition Imports has a contract for the Swiss Military GE230 G-Wagon that is currently being surplussed.  Our first shipment sold out in May of last year.  These vehicles are fully operational ACTIVE SERVICE vehicles being removed from the Military Bases in Switzerland as their new Mercedes G-Wagons are exchanged out.  Inventory is Accurate as of 1/18/2018.  Next shipment is unknown as Dollar is currently at 3 year low and demand in Europe has gone way up.......Equals higher purchase prices.

As with much of the Swiss Surplus, these are in great condition for military surplus.  These vehicles are 25 years old and therefore acceptable for Title and Registration in MOST states.  EI is NOT selling these for road use in CA as they have not been CARB certified.

Known the world over as an extremely capable vehicle, the G-wagon has always been manufactured in Graz Austria at the Steyr-Puch plant.  Even to this day, the G's come out of the plant in Austria.

Badging - The Swiss Military GE230 has the "Puch" Badging.  If image is extremely important to you we are happy to sell you the Mercedes Benz Badges......and we will keep it our little secret!

Our current focus is Swiss Surplus Puch with the following configuration: 2 door, soft top, long wheelbase, 4 cylinder gas, automatic, rear locker and rear troop seating.  We are NOT sourcing other G's at this time.

For those interested in the specifics on the Puch G, PLEASE READ OUR FAQ HERE:  FAQ. in regards to the specific title/support of these vehicles.

Austrian Military Puch Wagon 250GD
Part # 906217
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Swiss Military Puch GE230
Part # M15006
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