IT was an Awesome season for Craig Thompson,/Red Dragon and the #37 buggy. When all of the dust cleared, all the scores were tallied, they won the Pro Mod Class hands down. Pretty nice to see a buggy running Unimog Portals with 1950's technology take the win. Congratualtions to the #37 crew.

Figured it was time for a bit of an update. Our portal axle'd rock crawler is doing very well this season. We have had the opportunity to catch a couple of the competitions in person and are currently working on getting some of the video into the system. Craig Thompson's update is below:

"Saturday we were in 8th place out of 10 because we had the worst day of my whole career (as you saw, we didn’t finish any courses). Sunday was a whole different story, we finished with the best score on Sunday and finished a course that nobody else did (A2 – with a score of 12). The next best score on that course was a 39. We also had the best score of the day on A1 – not a bad day! We finished the shootout and ended up in 5th place.

We have another comp up at Donner July 10th for the 3rd CalRocs event. We are sitting in second place in the overall standings for Calrocs so this is an important event for us. We need to finish 2 spots ahead of the first place team in order to make up the ground and be in contention for the Championship. I am pretty sure that we can do it, we just need to have 8 good scores instead of the 6 or 7 that we normally have.

We have 3 more comps and then the Nationals. Nationals have been moved to SLC on the same dates. This will be Man Made courses which I like a lot – fair for everybody! We are now over half way through the season and so far our results are 3rd, 10th, 3rd, 3rd, and 5th. Hopefully we can make it past that 3rd barrier this time around and stay up there till the end of the season. It has been a respectable season – tougher than we had hoped!"

Keep up the good work Craig and the PTM Crew. We are rooting for you guys. If you have never been to a competitve rock crawling event, you are missing out. Talk about a spectator sport! Not to worry about our rollovers....We asked Craig to position the buggy so that we could get a picture of our logo upside down. He was kind enough to oblige! :)

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