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Crated Rebuilt M180 Engine
Crated Rebuilt M180 Engine

Crated Rebuilt M180 Engine

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Call for Availability and Pricing.  Two decades of cheap military re-manned motors has come to an end!

Complete motor. Crated rebuild by Saar or FWN. Includes flywheel, carb, waterpump, fuel pump, manifolds, generator, etc.  It does NOT include the Starter which can be purchased for an additional charge. Excellent quality at a fraction of the original military price. Sealed in foil bag with moisture indicators and desicant. Most of these engines have date stamps from the Mid to late 1980's. Have you priced the parts to do your own rebuild? Ships truck freight, contact us for your quote. There is a very specific startup procedure to follow with the engines.  Contact Scott for more details and to get the tool to pre-lube the engine prior to startup. 

We also have available both a "Long Block" Version, and a "Short Block" Version.

Long Block - We take a crated motor and remove all ancillary items leaving the assembled block, head, oil pan, flywheel, front pulleys, valve cover.

Short Block - Same as the Long Block, except we also remove the head and Valve Cover.

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