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Brake Shoes (4) with new lining

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Brake Shoes (4) with new lining
Part #: 7102365122
Diagram # 06-01-01
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Brake Shoes with new lining sold as a set of 4, enough for 1 axle.  These are non-asbestos linings, made in the United States.  They have the dust grooves machined into the lining, like the originals.

PLEASE NOTE:  These shoes have the dust grooves machined into the new linings.  That is why they perform so much better than standard re-lined shoes without the grooves.  Unfortunately, this costs additional as it is machined after the linings are mounted.

CORE CHARGE INCLUDED:  There is a $200 core charge included in this purchase.  When your usable cores are returned, we will credit the $200 back to you card.  If you want to avoid this fee, please mail us your cores ahead of time.

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