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Banks Pyrometer Exhaust Temp Kit
Banks Pyrometer Exhaust Temp Kit

Banks Pyrometer Exhaust Temp Kit

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Monitor your engine's Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) with Pyrometer gauge from Banks Power. Avoid engine damaging high temps caused by overfueling or restricted air intake. Keep your diesel engine running in its proper, most efficient power band by watching the EGT and save fuel. Sensor installs in weld-in bung, or drilled and tapped hole.

Monitors Exhaust Gas Temperature
Stainless pyrometer probe can be installed before or after turbo
Requires weld-in bung or drilling and tapping manifold
Install in standard 2 1/16" gauge hole

High loads mean more fuel injected into your engine. Modified engines, or engines running with restricted intakes (dirty air cleaner, debris in intake, ice or snow buildup) can leave enough unburned fuel in the exhaust to raise turbine inlet temperatures to dangerous levels within seconds. Install tis EGT pyrometer from Banks and monitor your temperatures. Driving to maintain the right range of EGT can actually improve your fuel economy as well.

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