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Airtronic D4 - 24V

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Your Price: $512.00
Part #: AIRTRONIC_001
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
New in Box Eberspacher AirTronicM - D4 Air Heater with Fuel Pump and Installation kit.

  • 24V - 40W
  • Diesel Fuel
  • 4KW
  • New Surplus Units from the Military in Original Packaging
  • Includes Heater, Fuel Pump, Muffler, Intake, Exhaust, Fuel Lines.
  • Ideal for Unimogs and Pinzgauers
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You Will need to purchase the Wiring Harness and Controller.  There are a number of different options on these so we are leaving it up to the customer.  Factory controllers run between $80-$130, and the harness in the $90 range.  Our preference on the controller is the Airtronic 801.  We can supply these items for additional cost and lead time.

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